• Easy Chocolate Nonpareils Recipe

    Easy Chocolate Nonpareils Recipe

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    A quick recipe to make these little chocolate nibblers to enjoy or give!

    From: Julie Kieras, http://happystronghome.com/

    • 1 box American Heritage® Chocolate bite or the block (or for faster melting, use the grated chocolate)
    • Double boiler (or a large pot and glass measuring cup)
    • Water
    • Nonpareils (colored or white)
    Step 1

    Break pieces of American Heritage® Chocolate up into a double boiler or a glass measuring cup. Place into a pot of water.

    Step 2

    Heat water to a gentle boil. Make sure water will come up to the level of the chocolate without spilling over into the glass container - water in the chocolate will make it "tough."

    Step 3

    Heat the water until the begins chocolate melting. Stir frequently so chocolate doesn't stick or burn.

    Step 4

    In between stirring, prepare several cookie sheets by placing parchment paper on top.

    Step 5

    When chocolate is melted and smooth, remove from heat.

    Step 6

    Carefully spoon "drops" of melted chocolate onto the parchment paper. You'll probably have to jiggle or tap the spoon onto the pan to get the chocolate to come off in a circle shape.

    Step 7

    Before the chocolate is fully cooled, sprinkle with nonpareils.

    Step 8

    Allow chocolate to fully cool by placing trays into fridge.

    Step 9

    When chocolates are hardened, gently slide them off the parchment paper into a container.

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