• American Heritage<sup>®</sup> Chocolate Rum Balls

    American Heritage® Chocolate Rum Balls

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    These rum balls are made extra special with the addition of American Heritage® Chocolate, whose spice profile works well with the flavors of dark rum

    Step 1

    Whip butter and add the sifted cacao powder and rum a little at a time while mixing.

    Step 2

    Melt the American Heritage® Chocolate drink mix in a double boiler; let the melted chocolate cool a bit then add to the butter with the peeled and finely ground hazelnuts (you can use a blender or coffee grinder for this).

    Step 3

    Add some sifted powdered sugar to the mixture while kneading the dough. Keep adding powdered sugar gradually until the mixture has absorbed it well and begins to firm up.

    Step 4

    Form small balls and roll them in the chocolate sprinkles.

    Step 5

    Let the balls air dry then refrigerate in an airtight container.

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