Get Ready for Civic Season!

The Summer Tradition Kicks-Off on June 19.

About Civic Season

Civic Season, held from June 19 through July 4, is a new celebration to learn and grow as citizens.  AMERICAN HERITAGE Chocolate has been an integral part of launching Civic Season since its inception in 2021, including underwriting the Civic Season website, participating in kick-off events and providing chocolate samples at events across the country. As a result, it has grown into a vibrant, beloved summer tradition perfect for people of all ages, especially younger generations, who are the changemakers of our country’s future.

Last year, there were Civic Season events, exhibits and celebrations in more than 300 communities, historic sites and museums. We expect even more this year!

Here are some easy ways to participate in Civic Season:

Explore Heritage, Create Lifelong Memories

Attend a Slice of History Event

Embark on a voyage of discovery and unravel captivating tales at local Slice of History events near you.

Image of Civic Season KickOff Party.

Plan Your Civic Season Activities

It Takes Your Story To Tell The Whole Story

Find fun and helpful tools to discover your story, connect with others, and be heard.

Image of Civic Season Guidebook

Create a Civic Season Itinerary of Events in Your Area

Join Us for a Season of Empowerment and Engagement!

Browse, dive deep, check out featured events, and build and share your itinerary.

Image of an activity for Civic Season


Unleash the Power of Your Voice

Unlock the power of your voice to make a positive impact during this Civic Season.

Image of Civic Season

Discover Your Civic Super Power

Take the Quiz!

Take the quiz to discover your civic superpowers, and explore where your story fits into our history!

Image of Civic Season Superpower

Plan a Feast of Reason Dinner

Download the Civic Season digital guidebook for a guide to hosting your own Feast of Reason dinner. The Feast of Reason is a card deck created by Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello designed to guide opinionated conversations while sharing a meal together. Invite friends over for brave discussions and end the evening with AMERICAN HERITAGE Chocolate’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie.


Chocolate Chunk Cookie

These gently spiced treats are a sophisticated twist on the chewy chocolate chunk cookie guaranteed to please the kid in us all.

Image of Chocolate Cookie with a glass of milk.

AMERICAN HERITAGE Chocolate Products

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Finely Grated Baking Chocolate

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Gourmet Hot Cocoa

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Tasting Squares

Our Favorite Recipes

We would be remiss if we didn’t share some of our favorite summer recipes that feature our favorite ingredient: chocolate!

chocolate s'mores recipe image

Chocolate S’mores

Nothing says summer like S’mores.

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chocolate chunk cookie recipe image

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Always a perfect choice to bring to cookouts and picnics.

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chocolate chunk ice cream recipe image

Chocolate Chunk, No-Churn Ice Cream

Creamy, refreshing and super simple to make.

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chocolate granita recipe image

Chocolate Granita

Chocolate, coffee, ice. Yes, please!

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