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The team at AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate is dedicated to sharing not just the history of chocolate, but of other cuisines that connect us and help tell the stories of triumph and trial of the American journey. This page is dedicated to highlighting the origins and historic foodways of some of our country’s most treasured culinary traditions.

spiced champurrado drink with orange slice and cinnamon stick

Happy Holidays!

This holiday season we are collaborating with Lola Dweck, Food Scholar and Author of the popular blog Lola’s Cocina, to learn more about her holiday traditions, inspiration as well as her love of chocolate! She has also created some pretty delectable recipes for you, all inspired from her Mexican-American heritage. They are perfect for gifting as well as hosting friends and family during the holidays.


About Lola Dweck

“I’ve been cooking since I was eight, so for me it is second nature. The matriarchs in my family are amazing cooks who take great pride in preparing the dishes that satisfy our souls and palates. As I grew and experienced new spaces and places I became more aware of the true beauty and art of cooking. From visiting mercados in Mexico as a child, to experiencing the food of world-renown Mexican chefs as an adult, I have realized that the common thread shared by all great cooks is the pride they take in their cooking and sharing it with others.”

Lola Dweck holding a tray of pavlovas

Why study the history of chocolate?

“I spend quite a bit of time in Oaxaca, Mexico, where chocolate is a big part of the region’s culture. This is where I learned to make the chocolate tablets used for their famous hot chocolate. Experiencing this process first-hand, and seeing how a cacao pod and its seeds can be transformed into a delicious piece of chocolate intrigued me and now every time I visit, I take a trip to the molino (mill) and make a fresh batch of chocolate tablets to bring home.”

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Lola's Favorite Recipes

"Chocolate is such a versatile ingredient - I’ve used it in savory dishes, including Mole, and incorporate it into drinks and desserts on a regular basis. In grated form, it’s great in smoothies and hot drinks (like my Spiced Champurrado) or as a topping for truffles (like my Chocolate and Date Truffles) and other desserts."

Lola’s Pavlovas with Dark Chocolate Drizzle and Berries

Pavlovas with Dark Chocolate Drizzle and Berries

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spiced champurrado drink with orange slice and cinnamon stick

Spiced Champurrado

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Chocolate and Date Truffles with Festive Toppings

Chocolate and Date Truffles

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Amaranth Alegrías with Chocolate wrapped in paper and ribbon

Amaranth Alegrías with Chocolate

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