Baking Contest with Our Best Bites

We believe in giving, sharing, and trying out delicious recipes with our family and friends – especially during the holiday season! But who says these delicious recipes need to be tricky? Definitely not us!

That’s where chocolate bark comes to the table. This tasty treat is so easy to make anyone can do it! No professional baking skills necessary. Not only is bark simple, it’s also super versatile. From dark chocolate to white and from sweet flavors to savory (plus everything in between!), there’s a chocolate bark recipe for everyone.

And this, dear friends, is where you come in! We’ve partnered with Our Best Bites to host our First Annual Baking contest featuring none other than chocolate bark. For this no-bake challenge, we’re on the hunt for the Best Holiday Chocolate Bark Topping Ever! Share your favorite, creative, or not-so-secret topping combination and Sara and Kate at Our Best Bites will choose the winner.

If your toppings recipe is selected, you will not only receive a delicious AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate prize pack, you’ll also win a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer in Sugar Pearl Silver. If you win you will receive our artisanal chocolate products, AND you’ll be able to add it to your favorite recipe using your new iconic kitchen appliance!

So have a little fun, get those creative juices flowing, and send us your favorite chocolate bark toppings! We can’t wait to see what you create!

About Our Best Bites

Sara Wells and Kate Jones are no strangers to cooking or AMERICAN HERITAGE Chocolate. As wives and mothers, the want to show their readers that cooking at home can be delicious, fun, and easy – not to mention a great way to express yourself all while caring for your family and friends!