Chocolate Brunch

Hello friends,

We love putting together a lovely brunch and are always looking for new, fresh ideas for entertaining that are easy (and delicious). We like to give brunch planning the time and attention it deserves as it is, in our opinion, a very special meal.

Here are a few things we incorporate into our brunch planning.

Setting a Brunch Table

  • Consider a tablecloth: They may seem more formal, but using one creates a beautiful canvas for your table decor. There is no need to save them for just holidays. Brunch deserves special treatment as well!  
  • Incorporate greenery or flowers: We always like adding something green or floral to our table. You can pick up a few bunches of tulips (or any other in-season flower) at your grocery store, cut them short, and divide them into several small arrangements—using water glasses or mason jars. You can even include candle votives for some added ambiance. They look so pretty on the table. No flowers? No problem. Clip some leafy branches from trees or bushes in your garden and lay them down the center of your table. 
  • Plan ahead: We like to set the table the night before to save time in the morning. Set it with your flowers (or greenery), candles, linens, utensils, and glasses, and you are ready to go!

Creating a Brunch Menu

  • Make it easy: Plan the easy to prepare items ahead of time so you can enjoy your brunch company. Here are a few of our favorite recipes to make the night before, including egg strata or frittatas (here’s a favorite recipe from our friends at OurBestBites), fruit salads, veggies and dip, muffins, and banana bread. The key to making it easy is doing what you can before brunch starts so you can get out of the kitchen and have some fun!
  • Don’t forget the chocolate: We can’t help it. We love chocolate and love incorporating chocolate into some of our favorite traditional brunch dishes. If you are a pancake and waffle person, these recipes are for you: 

German Chocolate Pancakes

german chocolate pancakes baking in a cast iron pan

This recipe is similar to a Dutch Baby, but ours has chocolate! The trick is to heat your pan before pouring in the batter. Get ready for drama (or a really good Instagram moment) because when this comes out of the oven it is puffy and simply gorgeous! Our finely grated baking chocolate adds a wonderful, chocolatey richness to the pancake and we like to top ours with raspberries and powdered sugar. Cut into wedges and serve. It is a great brunch staple.

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Chocolate Waffles

dipping chocolate waffles into a hot fudge sauce on a cutting board that also has fruits on it

Weekends are for waffles! Our classic-with-a-twist waffle recipe calls for whipped egg whites for extra fluffiness and of course, chocolate. The consistency of our finely grated baking chocolate makes it easy to blend into the other dry ingredients without any fuss or mess. We love how the spices in the chocolate add an extra layer of richness to the waffles. Try serving with our Easy Hot Fudge Sauce. Yum! 

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Chocolate Ricotta Pancakes

a tall stack of chocolate ricotta pancakes with raspberries and syrup

We were inspired by lemon ricotta pancakes to create our own chocolate version. With only eight ingredients (flour, eggs, ricotta cheese, milk, butter, sugar, salt and our finely grated baking chocolate) and three steps, this can easily become your new go-to bunch recipe. No need to wait to make these for guests, although they will be easily impressed. Enjoy!

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Happy Brunching!