Chocolate Stories: The Adams Family

The beautiful thing about our infatuation with chocolate is the many ways we can actually enjoy it. Whether it’s a simple afternoon indulgence or a delectable dessert, since its discovery over 3500 years ago chocolate has become an important part of our everyday lives. Whatever the culture, or even the location, one thing that remains consistent is how chocolate inspires human connection.

For the Adams family, chocolate has a legendary status. “My mother was a chocolate fanatic,” quips Kristina Adams, “she especially loved dark chocolate, and we came to see chocolate as a way of sharing love.” After moving to New York and discovering the iconic black and white cookies, baking up a batch has become an Adams family tradition. The simplicity of icing each half of the cookie together makes for a fun family experience.

AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate has become a key ingredient for this baking experience, not just for its distinctive flavor, but because they both share a unique history! Our chocolate is based on recipes from the 1750’s. The black and white cookie—or half-moon cookie—can trace its roots back to early 20th century New York. Originally from Eastern Europe, black and white cookies underwent some regional variations when they made it to the United States. Traditional shortbread black and white cookies were commonly found in New York City. Half-moon cookies, on the other hand, were more commonly found in central New York, with a slightly more dome-like cake-base.

Kristina keeps the tradition of half-moon cookies alive, sharing the chocolate love she learned from her mother with her daughters. For the Adams, this treat is a way to bring friends and family together. “When we have a family event, or we’re entertaining friends from out of town, we make our favorite cookies. I guess you could say this is OUR chocolate story.”

Create your very own chocolate story with AMERICAN HERITAGE Chocolate by recreating the Adams’ Black and White Cookie recipe to share with friends and family.