Let it Snow!

Snow can turn the most ordinary backyard, street or vista into something truly extraordinary. The transformative nature of snow has been the inspiration for everything from richly rendered landscapes to the backdrop of our favorite films – think Frozen. While snow can slow travel to a crawl when it’s wintry blast hits a city or region, it can also be a really good excuse to stay inside, hunker down, and bake up some brownies, cookies or classic hot chocolate – perhaps our personal favorite. We love snow!

And snow even has its own dessert. Have you ever made snow cream? It’s that wonderfully refreshing treat that needs real snow to be authentic. Basically, you just need milk, sugar, vanilla, a dash of salt and big scoop of fresh snow. Mix it up until fluffy and then, there you go! Snow made yummy. From snow angels to the quiet hush that comes with a big snow shower, to the gentle swish of feet shuffling through a winter wonderland, snow has got us hooked. And did we mention our favorite way to celebrate? We did! Hot cocoa. Check out our own gourmet version, so rich and creamy you might get lost. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!