Spice is Truly Nice

There are a lot of reasons why the use of spices tends to get more intense the hotter the climate. One is that as the temperature gets warmer adding more spice helps preserve food. Hot spices also encourage our bodies to sweat, which cools us down. But spices such as ginger and black pepper have been favorites in cooler climates for centuries. The truth is, spice really is nice, elevating a bland dish into something spectacular. Just imagine your guacamole without a dash of chili pepper. Or, how would your pumpkin latte taste without the nutmeg? You might wonder why we’re thinking of spice right now? Cinco de Mayo friend, the perfect time to explore spicy anything.

This holiday was instituted to commemorate a famous battle between Mexico and France – guess who won… In addition to the traditional parades, it’s become a favorite excuse to enjoy a margarita and a tasty chip and green dip all over the world. If there was ever a nation with a penchant for spice, and using it to perfection, it would be Mexico. So good! We are particular fans of spice because our proprietary chocolate recipe includes a variety of spices to deliver its unique, pleasing taste. This was a popular way to jimmy up your chocolate beverage in the 1700’s, and we are partial to it today. For our take on Mexican culinary delights – if we can be so bold -check out our Chocolate Churros, or Vegan Mexican Pudding, and let us know what you think!