A Day Without Chocolate: Season 3

In Part 3 of our “A Day Without Chocolate” series, our chocolate historian Dave heads to historic Mount Vernon to speak with a very important figure from our nation’s past – George Washington himself! Meet the very first First Family and learn more about their love of chocolate and colonial times.

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A Day Without Chocolate: Season 3

Dave and George
Our founding father was a chocolate super fan, are you? Follow in George Washington’s footsteps and learn about his love of chocolate. #WhatWouldGeorgeDo


Dave and Martha
Move over coffee – we’re all about tea made with cocoa shells! Dave chats with Martha Washington over a cup of chocolate as she regales him with tales of colonial chocolate.


Dave and Washington Family
Every family has their own traditions – for the Washingtons it was chocolate! Dave uncovers a few chocolate stories from the younger members of the Washington fam.


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