Crazy for Key West

With Summer in full swing we’re really loving on Key Lime Pie (check out our new recipe – we added chocolate to the crust!). But this chill dessert got us thinking about Key West and all the other delicious foods the island is known for. Let’s take a culinary journey across that famous Seven Mile Bridge to Key West.

Key Lime Pie

The first record of Key Lime Pie comes from the tropical island of Key West. A cook known simply as Aunt Sally made a Key Lime Pie for Florida’s first self-made millionaire, William Curry. It has been rumored that she used a recipe for lemon icebox pie but swapped the lemons for limes!

Conch Fritters

This tasty finger food is the perfect appetizer for any meal! The shellfish is cut up and mixed with peppers and spices and then deep-fried. Eat a fritter or two while watching the sunset and it might just change your life!

Fish Sandwiches

Often made with freshly caught local fish, restaurants in the Keys serve up their own take on a sandwich recipe. From burritos to open-faced Cuban bread – there’s an option for everyone. You can even get a sandwich with fish caught by divers!

Pink Shrimp

You can spot a Pink Shrimp not only by its color but also the red dot on the shell. This gulf variety of shrimp is known for its sweet taste. You can eat them grilled, broiled, pan-fried, deep-fried, and even boiled then chilled and served with dipping sauce.