Recipe Roundup: Pie for the Holidays

Nothing says holiday party like the word “pie”! It’s one of our favorite desserts to make. Why? It’s versatile and there’s a flavor out there for literally everyone! Here are a few of our favorite pie recipes that you can use for your next party.

Marshmallow Mint Fudge Ice Box Pie

a slice of marshmallow mint fudge ice box pie on a paper plate
If we would bottle up winter this is how it would taste. We’ve got a no-bake crust. A marshmallow-cream cheese filling. Chocolate topping and a minty crunch. Grab a fork!

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Key Lime Pie with Chocolate Nut Crust

A top down view of a keylime pie with chocolate crust
Our favorite recipe from the summer, we can’t stop talking about Key Lime Pie! The filling is refreshing and melts in your mouth and the crust offers the perfect chocolate zing. Trust us, you won’t regret trying it!

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Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

a chocolate pumpkin pie with cinnamon and pastry acorns
We’ll say it once, and we’ll say it again – nothing pairs better with pumpkin than chocolate! From October through January we can’t get enough of this match made in heaven.

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Bonus Recipe!


a sachertorte with apricots on a big white plate next to a knife and some other silverware
Ok so not technically a pie, but we couldn’t help but share our Sachertorte recipe (especially since National Sachertorte Day is December 5!) Invented in Vienna, Austria back in the 1800s, this chocolate cake has a rich spongy cake and delicious apricot glaze. Yes, please!

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